Welcome to the Laura J. Perin Designs website.


You will find a wide variety of needlework designs that are elegant and unique --

as well as fun to stitch!




My designs are grouped in the following collections:


THE AMERICAN QUILT COLLECTION creates classic quilt designs on 18 ct. mono canvas (they can also be worked on 24 ct. Congress Cloth).  Each design features hand-painted pearl cottons and often includes metallics to replicate miniature quilts.  All of the quilts are worked in variations of a diagonal satin stitch that works up fast, easy and fun.  These quilts are good "no-brainer" projects; they may look complex, but are actually very easy to stitch.


THE BLACKWORK COLLECTION contains a wide variety of blackwork patterns - from simple to complex designs - that showcase traditional blackwork motifs in uniquely contemporary designs.  And unlike most blackwork which is done in BLACK, my blackwork is done in all sorts of colors (including variegated threads) combined with metallic threads and assorted beads, sequins and jewels.  These patterns are just magical to stitch up!  Though blackwork may seem difficult to many, it's really just doing backstitching in geometric patterns -- and they stitch up faster than you can imagine!  If you're looking for something different to stitch, why not give blackwork a try?


THE IMPRESSIONIST COLLECTION showcases modern, abstract samplers that feature variegated threads, beads, jewels and elaborate composite stitches that create sophisticated and eye-catching designs that are as much fun to stitch as they are to look at.  Give these abstract samplers a try, and I think you'll agree they're like nothing you've ever stitched before!


THE KIMONO COLLECTION has developed from my fascination with playing with variegated threads to create patterns that emulate oriental textiles.  Letting the variegated thread colors flow across the design is part of the mystery and surprise in stitching these striking kimonos!


THE SAMPLER COLLECTION contains an assortment of designs that I consider samplers because they employ a variety of stitches  in their design.  My samplers run the gamut from traditional cross-stitched designs on linen to abstract geometrics that often feature modern fused glass jewels, as well as ancient celtic designs and imaginary mythical creatures.


THE SECRET GARDEN COLLECTION highlights designs that have a garden or floral theme.  My floral collages are very fun to stitch on 18 ct. canvas  (although they can also be stitched on 24 ct. canvas as well); they showcase a tent-stitched flower in the center, with composite patterns and ribbons stitched in the surrounding areas.  There is also a series of floral portraits done on Congress Cloth that employ a variety of stitches to replicate the changing color and movement of light on flowers. I've also added the American House series, which I consider a very special part of the Secret Garden Collection -- it's a fun way to create your fantasy home and garden. There is sure to be something to interest any gardener here!


THE WESTERN COLLECTION rounds up a few designs that evoke the spirit of the West.   Cowboy boots and Indian blankets are just the first patterns to appear in this collection.